Official Cheats

Here is a list of the official cheats for Motherload. To use them, open the "options" menu whilst playing and type in the words listed below. If you are successful, a noise will be played and your chosen cheat will come into effect. You can put the same in more than once to increase the effect of that cheat, for example: typing in "blingbling" 3 times will add $300,000 to your cash. However, if you type in a cheat you cannot save your game!

What To TypeEffect
blingblingGives you an extra $100,000 cash
penetrableIncreases hull strength by 1
digdugIncreases hull strength by 1
warp9Increases engine strength by 1
guzzleIncreases fuel tank size by 1
toocoolIncreases radiator strength by 1
supersizeIncrease cargo bay size by 1
fillerupRefills fuel tank
ntouchableUpgrades all parts to the top one, gives access to special transport by pressing "0".


Adventure Mode

Challenge Mode