MotherLoad is a 2D game by XGenStudios. It is a very popular game, and has had good reviews from all that have played it.

This site was set up to provide a complete knowledge base about the game, and contains spoilers.

There are two versions of MotherLoad; an online version which can be played on XGen Studios and MotherLoad Goldium Edition which is a download and costs around £8/$15, but is definatly worth the money. A demo for the online version can be found here.

This knowledge base is centred around MotherLoad Goldium Edition, but most things are similiar if not the same. It is also based on the particular version I own, so I apologize if there are any differences to you game!

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The Story

"The year is 3040, and you're a miner in the employ of Natas Heavy Industries, inc.

Recently, NHI has been contracted to mine out the core of Mars, as geological surveys indicate a large pocket of pure wealthonium in the middle of it. Mr. Natas has thusly sent out teams of miners to Mars, offering a share in the motherload to the first miner to dig into it.

Martial soil is famous for being treacherous and, already, the ranks are thinning in NHI's miner dorms. You are one of the last to arrive and, therefore, one of the the last alive.

Strange transmissions have started pulsing from below the martian surface. Some are the garbled last transmissions of fallen miners, some are just strange noises. Mr. Natas' technicians have assured you that these are caused by wealthonium resonance, however, and that one or more of the other miners must have gotten close.

The time draws near for your first drop onto martian soil, where you'll be able to dig, collect ores, and trade them for money at automated trade stations. All the original colonites of Mars have either left for the greener pastures of venus and Earth, or disappeared mysteriously.

You're the last miner to get into a dropship, the others have already landed and started digging. Maybe you'll run into one or two of them, if they manage to survive. If YOU manage to survive."

Taken from XGen Forums.


Adventure Mode

Challenge Mode